“…The following step was to ask somebody else to wear the device and to use scientific methods to reconstruct the visual perception of the other. This video material was first presented in Amsterdam in a show entitled “Saccadic Sightings: Ophelia” in 2009, accompanied by photographs of the same visuals. In the single-channel video projected in a dark room, a viewer was confronted with the uncanny feeling that stems from the sensation of entering someone’s intimate world. In this work, one becomes a woman who runs through the fields, picks flowers, lets them float in a nearby spring, and then abruptly wakes up at the end of this dream-like sequence.”

Vesna Madzoski, “Black Hole of Vision: On Rune Peitersen’s Saccadic Sightings”, Rhizome.org

DVD-PAL, 3:04 min., no sound, 2009

Rune Peitersen