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Film Screening & Book Launch with Rune Peitersen
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The project “RAABJERG” by Danish artist Rune Peitersen consists of a publication and a film. On 9 March you’re invited to a screening of the film followed by a presentation of the book by Rune Peitersen and a talk moderated by Lecturer Søren Pold!

“RAABJERG” explores the changing landscape of northern Jutland (DK) from the last Ice Age until today. From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, climate change and human extraction of natural resources led to violent sand drift, which transformed the once fertile landscape into a barren wasteland. Different governments – from kings to elected parliaments – enacted laws to try to reverse it. After 200 years, they succeeded and started reintroducing plants to the dunes, thus slowly transforming the landscape back to its previous state.

Today, however, the dune landscapes are considered natural, especially by the many tourists who visit them each summer, and efforts are now focused on preserving them. But the landscape is not bound by our notions of it – it is in constant transition. How do you preserve transition?

Co-organizers of “Film screening & Book Launch with Rune Peitersen” are the research program “Mennesker og IT” and the project “Design and Aesthetics for Environmental Data” from the Department of Culture & Communication, Aarhus University.

The video is produced with support from: Mondriaan Fund and Die Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie.
The book is produced with support from: The Creative Industries Fund NL and Mondriaan Fund.

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