Sound Marijn Ottenhof RAABJERG takes outset in the changing landscape of northern Jutland (DK) due to climatological changes and human resource extraction, and the following attempts at ‘restoring’ and ‘reestablishing’ a ‘natural’ landscape. The narrative pivot point is the violent sand drift in the 16th-19th centuries; how it manifested itself and completely transformed the once fertile landscape into a barren wasteland. Different governments – from kings to elected parliaments – enacted laws to reverse the it. After 200 years, they ‘succeeded’ in re-transforming the landscape back to a controlled state, especially suited for tourism. However, today, the dune landscapes are considered ‘natural’, and conservation efforts are now directed at preserving these. Obviously, any landscape is in a state of constant transition, and these efforts then beg the question: How do you preserve transition? The film will premiere at the Biennale für Aktuele Fotografie in Mannheim (DE), March 2022. Besides the film, the project will also be presented in a publication, adding extra depth to the story. The book will be designed by Edwin van Gelder, Mainstudio and published by Jap Sam Books. The book is made possible with the support of the Creative Industries Fund and the Mondriaan Fund.

Rune Peitersen