Alternative Truths, Expoplu, Nijmegen.
6 Oct – 27 Oct 2017

Curator: Youri Appelo

Alternative Truths is an exhibition that brings together several works of art that critically analyse the way we gain knowledge that shapes our perception on truth and reality.

Participating artists are: Lado Darakhvelidze, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Anneke Ingwersen, Lyubov Matyunina, Rune Peitersen, Belit Sağ

‘Post-truth’, a term that was chosen by Oxford Dictionaries as the international word of the year of 2016, describes the idea that personal beliefs or feelings are more influential on the public opinion than objective facts. ‘Post-truth’ became a prominent point for discussions within debates surrounding the questioning of global warming, rise of fake-news, migration crisis and the decolonization of history, traditions and education.

The exhibition Alternative Truths reflects on the subjectivity of the media, the actual distance we have from reality when we inform ourselves through internet and how education could provide us with a one-sided story. Each of the selected works exposes narratives or perceptions that we obtain as truth, that actually are incomplete truths or consists of multiple truths (without being aware of his in first on). Therefore the works provide the public with alternative views and truths on reality.

Rune Peitersen