_Be surprised by this summer’s MANMADE exhibition at ANNO 1465 in Raversyde. Artists are inspired by the topic of the ‘Anthropocene’: the new geological epoch we are currently in and in which man plays a pivotal role. Although mankind is still very young in comparison with our planet’s long history, it has succeeded in having a major impact on the earth’s geological development. Plenty of traces of human activity can be found in the soil of the earth as well as far away from our planet. Apart from remains of everyday life as we know it today, works of art will certainly also be part of our future heritage as carriers of creativity and inventiveness.

The artists at MANMADE look beyond the purely material heritage left behind by mankind and raise philosophical and anthropological questions about the interaction between mankind and this planet. How does our current dominant human nature work? Where will our immense ecological footprint take us? Will our intellectual capacities provide solace? Will we continue to evolve undisturbedly towards the “end of the (human) world” or will we survive the Anthropocene? Find out for yourself at the exhibition in Raversyde ANNO 1465 from 11 June until 2 October.

Works by Ackroyd & Harvey (UK), Ant Farm (US), Brandon Ballengée (US), Leo Copers (BE), Cosco (BE), Luc Deleu (BE), Wim Delvoye (BE), Mark Dion (US), Simon Faithfull (UK), Nicolas Floc’h (FR), Frans Gentils (BE), HeHe (DE, UK), Rune Peitersen (DK), Allan Sekula & Noël Burch (US), Tuur Van Balen & Revital Cohen (BE, IL) and Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE) are on display.

Rune Peitersen