Cross003, DVD, 4. min. loop, 2004

“In Cross003, an image resembling a cross is seen, first as a seemingly tangible manifestation – a glowing or burning cross – but secondly as a crevasse in a curtain in a window. The cross consists purely of light, and is only manifest as an interpretation of dark surroundings, lack of visual information. When people – shadows – appear and block the light, the cross momentarily disappears and the scene changes character and meaning. In the act of trying to decipher and categorize the changing imagery the viewer must engage his own views on voyeurism and iconography.”

– catalogue text, 10th Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin


‘Rune Peitersen’, Ellen de Bruijne Projects 2005
Screnning at the 10th Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin November 15th to 27th 2005, Paris

Rune Peitersen