The City Large Print series

The first series of The City is based on a collage of 100’s of photos from cities from my personal archive (dimensions variable).

The City Screenshot Series

While working on The Shepherd, the city chapter took on a life of its own. The original collage was animated, making the colors shift somewhat unpredictably. There are almost endless possibilities to make prints from the screenshots, so this is an expanding series (53×30 cm).

The City Plotter series

These started out as stripped bare basis for the lithographs I made during my stay at the Frans Masereel Centre, but also worked really nicely printed on a plotter printer (70×50 cm). This is basically a large photocopy; the paper is thin and bright white, the print a bit gritty.

The City – Lithographs

The same image, two different sizes (40×26 cm, 70×48 cm). There’s a wonderful clash between the strictness of the original transfer and the added hand-painted parts – and it also shows, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to lithography!

Rune Peitersen