2012 | Looking at Seeing | Minerva

Rune Peitersen, Martijn Schuppers, Rein Jelle Terpstra en Roland Schimmel Looking at Seeing Although the artist and the scientist approach observation in different ways, in both fields the process of observing and the role of the observer play and important part. How much of what … Continue reading2012 | Looking at Seeing | Minerva

2011 | False Focus | Nest

False Focus is based on the idea that our senses and they way they are translated by the brain into an image of reality does not provide us with a reliable idea of reality.
For The artists of False Focus the senses and its translations are reason to provide us with alternative realities, manifested in video’s, photo’s, paintings and installations. … Continue reading2011 | False Focus | Nest

2010 | Einstein & Bohr | Ellen de Bruijne Projects

In Dolores Rune Peitersen will be showing the most recent installment, Einstein & Bohr, from his ongoing project Saccadic Sightings from July 3rd to August 28th.

Initiated in 2008, Saccadic Sightings began as a study of visual perception…. … Continue reading2010 | Einstein & Bohr | Ellen de Bruijne Projects