2013 | Lawrence Weschler -on David Hockney

Lawrence Weschler, True to Life. Twenty-five years of conversation with David Hockney, University of California Press 2008 p. 4 “I mean, for instance, wide-angle lenses!” Hockney exclaimed as we stood that afternoon on the deck overlooking his pool. “after a while I bought a better … Continue reading2013 | Lawrence Weschler -on David Hockney

2010 | Rune Peitersen: Digital as Tool

The author (Kimberly Zeluck) gives a nice description of her (online) encounter with the works from ‘Einstein & Bohr’. http://mixmouse.net/blog/?p=6 Rune Peiterson: Digital as Tool Rune Peiterson’s “Saccadic Sightings: Einstein and Bohr”, accessed through Rhizome, is definitely an illustration of the usage of digital technology … Continue reading2010 | Rune Peitersen: Digital as Tool